Niantic announced that their new nearby feature is starting to roll out to more parts of the world as part of a global Pokemon GO update overhaul. If you get a chance to test the new tracker, make sure you let them know how you think it can be improved.

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Pokemon GO Update – Nearby feature rolling out to other parts of the world

For us, personally, sightings are going to be better than the new tracker. How are you going to find Pokemon when there’s hardly any pokestops around you? It’s only going to be useful in cities and if that’s the inky place that it’s going to be useful in then they’re pitching to a whole different audience. Because what about kids? When school is on, they have to wait for holidays and the only long holidays are summer holidays in America and Christmas holidays in Australia. They should put in more pokestops in more suburban areas and rural areas. Also, they don’t want you to play the game and drive but they’re making you drive to cities just to play the game.

This new nearby feature Pokemon GO update is just giving people in these big cities even more of an edge while playing people in the less populated areas want to experience the game. In Georgia, Atlanta, Athens, and maybe one or two more places have a substantial amount of easy access poke stops been spotted. the highest amount of pokestops players have seen in one area is 10 and a lot of those are spread out. It would be nice if Niantic employees got a chance to visit some rural areas once in a while.

They are making million of dollars out of this and they can’t afford to hire more people? Really? At least hire a crap load of people and give the rural player more pokestops.


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