Pokémon GO is currently undergoing field tests in Japan, and new details continue to leak out of the test. The newest leak tells us that the game features gym training and surprisingly, the battles are real-time and not turn-based as is common in Pokémon games. Check out the full details below.

Pokémon GO

According to a Reddit thread detailing the update to the field test, there are three teams, of which you are asked to join one. The names of the teams correspond to the Western versions of the original Pokémon games: Red, Blue and Yellow.

Meanwhile, over at friendly gyms, players are paired with random Computer Player Pokémon, who will attack you in real-time. That’s right, instead of the turn-based combat you’d think of when you think of Pokémon games, there’s real-time combat instead. Training can even leave your Pokémon injured, after which they must be healed with a ‘health spray’, possibly a potion. Hyper Potions and Max Revives are now available at PokéStops. And yes, the good old “not very effective” and “super effective” messages are back and they do about what you’d expect. This means that yes, type-based damage is still in. Really though, what would a Pokémon game be without type-based damage?

There is also a dodging mechanic involved in training battles, where you dodge the enemy’s attack by swiping left or right. You can even dodge all the way behind an opponent’s back. Reminds me of Dark Souls. There’s a quick attack you perform by tapping, and a charged attack, for which you need to hold down your press. There’s even a stamina bar under your HP bar that slowly recharges over time. No really, is this Dark Souls or what?

Check out the full details over at Siliconera. Pokémon GO will be releasing later this year worldwide and will be available for iOS and Android devices.


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