All the Pokemon Go fans get ready for the biggest news drop of the week. Pokemon Go developer Niantic is planning something really big that it’ll make you forget the Easter Event.

Most of the Pokemon Go fans will still be waiting for the Easter Event announcement. But you’ll be delighted to know that Niantic has some big plans for changes in the game.

Niantic recently revealed the news of a new Pokemon Go update while celebrating the latest Mobile Gong at BAFTA. Thet’s when the Pokemon Go development team dropped a news bomb. The reveal confirmed about a lot of things in the game will be evolving in the near future.

According to Niantic,

Yesterday, Pokemon Go won the Best Mobile and Handheld Game at the British Academy of Film, Television, and Arts Game Awards. We are surprised and grateful to be awarded this honor.

We owe the continued momentum and recognition to the dedicated players exploring the world and creating adventures together in Pokemon Go. Each and every award Pokemon Go has won is a testament to the game’s awesome and supportive community.

Niantic further confirmed at the event that this spring will see something much bigger than the Easter Event. The development team further commented that

“We continue to be inspired by the passion of the 65+ million people from around the world playing. Pokémon GO each month.

We’re still at the beginning of the journey and there’s a lot more to come. With spring arriving in the northern hemisphere, players can look forward to all-new cooperative social gameplay experiences in Pokemon Go. That will give Trainers new and exciting reasons to get back into the sunshine.”

This reveal by Niantic fits in pretty good with the recent rumors about the game and a new update in near future.

Niantic is reportedly working on a massive new Pokemon Go update. As hinted by Niantic, the new update is going to change the Team’s role and playstyle and is going to add a number of new gameplay elements to the game.

Possibly a big tweak will change the game’s map’s appearance and how it looks now. Areas will most probably be painted in the team’s color while the team will be in control of the Gym that surrounds that area.

Furthermore, as part of the new update, players will see Gym share links over distances with other holding gyms as well. Team missions are also reportedly going to be tweaked a bit.

The way this new Pokemon Go update is going to reshape certain things could actually pave the way for a new Legendary Pokemon inclusion to the game. However, Niantic hasn’t yet confirmed it. So, we don’t know yet about how it’s all going to turn.

The most recent Pokemon Go update was released this past week. It introduces a number of new things in the game along with some changes. Some of the details have yet to be announced by Niantic.

Hopefully, the new update will bring a lot of new and exciting things to the game. Pokemon Go is undoubtedly one of the best mobile games for masses, it’ll definitely get better with the new update. The Easter Event is also going to announce soon, so paired with this latest update, it’ll definitely enhance the gaming experience.