We will be getting a new Pokemon GO Update which will add a lot of things which were previously in huge demand. These include having Pokemon battles with friends and trading Pokemon with random people you come across. Then there’s obviously Niantic’s continued attempts to counter hackers so we will be seeing a lot of banned players as well.

pokemon go update
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New Pokemon GO Update will have a lot in store for us on Christmas

It’s no secret that Pokemon GO has become an undisputed phenomenon. Everywhere we go, people are fighting Pokemon or battling for gym ownership. The game isn’t without flaw and there are a lot of things we still want to see in the game. The ability to have Pokemon battles with people you meet outside will exponentially increase the popularity of the game. So will the ability to trade Pokemon.

Candy is an important resource in the game because you will need it to level up your Pokemon. What if winning battles with others gives you a lot of candy for the Pokemon you fought with. There could be other new features as well. Your house could be a Pokemon center, to heal your Pokemon for free and also will have a storage box. Certain items like lucky eggs could be used later on so we don’t over flow on item limitation. But then we guess the in-app purchase to increase size won’t be that attractive.

On the other hand, some people literally live within range of gyms. That seems unfair. A potential solution would be adding Pokemon centers to certain pokestops (have a separate icon etc), strategically placed away from gyms.

More music, more pokestops in rural areas and around apartments. We could also do with more Pokemon generations (Pokemon variety in general). A lot more achievements and rewards as well with daily challenges. PvP and a friends list that allows us to visually see local players within full-screen range. Better customization (This games kind of a joke in this category) and the existence of shinies. Let’s also have Pokemon that require special items to catch.

Let us know your thoughts on the Pokemon GO Update.


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