Pokemon Go was one of the hottest mobile games of last year. Shortly after it was released, millions of players started to play it, with the majority of them trying to fulfill their long-lost dream of becoming a Pokemon master. However, the game started to lose its heat after a few months as its developer, Niantic wasn’t introducing any new features in the game. But now, it seems that they will finally introduce something which might bring back those who lost their interest in the game.

Recently, it was reported that Niantic revealed its plans to introduce a new feature for Pokemon Go, the Pokemon Trading. The trading feature is something fans have always wished for. However, it isn’t going to be what fans expected as the feature will work only locally, not internationally.

Niantic To Add The Trading Feature In Pokemon Go

During the Game Developers Conference which was held in San Francisco, Niantic shared some information regarding the upcoming Trading Pokemon feature. Tatsuo Nomura, the Senior Product Manager of Niantic claimed that the team behind Pokemon Go is currently thinking of how the trading feature should work. He even claimed that if they fail to deliver the best experience with this feature, then players will start to lose interest in the game. So one thing is for sure that they are going to try their best to reach the expectations of players.

Pokemon Go
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How Pokemon Trading Will Work In Pokemon Go

Nomura then revealed how the feature will work. According to him, the feature will allow players to trade Pokemon locally, meaning that they won’t be able to trade them over the internet. This suggests that players will be able to trade Pokemon with only those who are near them. The way how the feature will work disappointed a lot of fans. But Niantic currently believes that it will help players in meeting new people around them, and trade stuff with them including Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Trading System Release Date 

Nomura didn’t provide any details regarding when the Trading Pokemon feature will release, but it is currently said to arrive alongside a major update in the coming months. If the feature works properly and turns out to be an amazing one, then it will definitely bring back those players who left the game.

Pokemon Go 0.57.4 Update [APK Download]

Pokemon Go has received a new update bumping the version number to 0.57.4 on Android devices. The update is being rolled out gradually to all the users. If you can’t wait for the official Play Store update, Pokemon GO APK is available for download for the latest version 0.57.4. The APK file weighs around 86.34MB and supports all the Android smartphones running at least Android KitKat.

It is worth mentioning that the new Pokemon GO update do not bring any new features and brings the performance improvements only. So before you update, be sure you are not going to find anything new in the game.


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