The much anticipated Pokemon Go Trading System will soon make its way to the game. Niantic is yet to reveal the details of this upcoming feature. However, some Pokemon Go players from the Pokemon Go Hub were able to find the details about the upcoming Trading System in the game’s Terms of Service page.

Trading System Will Allow Trading Of Pokemon And In-Game Items

The Pokemon Go Hub managed to discover the details about the Trading System in Pokemon Go’s Terms of Service page and according to it, players will be able to trade Pokemon as well as in-game items with each other. Though we currently don’t know if we will be able to trade every item or not, but we can pretty much expect it to allow us trade Eggs and Potions.

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Real Money Won’t Play A Part

Players won’t have to use real money to perform a trade through the Trading System. The Terms of Service page states that “You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights in or to Trading Items and that Trading Items do not have monetary value.“ This pretty much clears up the fact that real money won’t play a part in any trading.

This also indicates that players won’t have the luxury to trade virtual items like PokeCoins, Incubators, Lure Modules, Incense with each other. Also, players won’t be able to sell the items they got through trading. “Trading Items can never be sold, transferred, or exchanged for Virtual Money, Virtual Goods, “real” goods, “real” money, or “real” services, or any other compensation or consideration from us or anyone else.”

Traded Items Won’t Have An Ownership

The Terms of Service page also mentions that players won’t own traded items, meaning that players won’t have ownership rights over traded items. Also, players will be able to trade only those items which they got while exploring. Though it isn’t clear whether players will be able to trade Pokeballs or not.

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Trading Can’t Be Done Through Third Party Marketplaces

As expected, players won’t be able to perform trades through third-party marketplaces. This isn’t surprising considering the fact that Niantic has already removed a number of third-party apps from Pokemon Go. Those who will use any third-party marketplace to perform a trade will most likely get banned from the game. The Terms of Service page clearly states that the trading must be done between Pokemon Go players only through the game’s marketplace.

As for now, we currently don’t know when Niantic will add the Trading System in Pokemon Go, but we can pretty much expect it to arrive with the Gen 2 update. The Trading System is a much-needed feature in Pokemon Go and it will most likely bring back those players who left the game.

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Pokemon Go was released on July 6, 2016 for Android and iOS. Yesterday, it was revealed that the upcoming Pokemon Go Plus accessory won’t help players in hatching eggs.

Let us know if you’re excited for the trading system or not in the comments below.


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