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Tired of walking around and looking for Pokemon for hours on end while your legs give way? Well, here at MobiPicker, we have the ultimate solution, for Android users at least, a complete list of tracking apps for Pokemon GO that will let you hunt down those Pokemon without randomly walking around hoping to find one. Apps like these use data from players who logged locations of Pokemon they catch so you will know where that same Pokemon can be found. This is very useful for the committed Pokemon Go player who wants to catch some of the rare Pokemon.
via PokemonGO youtube trailer

1. Pokemapper Pokemon Go Live map: Easily the best free Pokemon tracker out there. It offers a variety of critter filters, notifications, and directions. It will even list Pokestops around you and say if they are expired or can be shaken for loot, plus it shows gyms around you with their prestige levels and strongest guard Pokemon. However, it takes a long time to scan your surroundings but, if you’re patient, you will be awarded dearly.

2. PokiiMap: Another app that uses crowd sourcing to locate nearby Pokemon, albeit very slow. After all the Pokemon are revealed it will even give you directions to any Pokemon you want to visit and catch via Google Maps. It will give you notifications if a Pokemon had spawned nearby and you can tap on it and send a barrage of Pokeballs there way. This one’s not in the Play Store, and we’d advise against using your main account to login.

3. PokeRadar: It is basically just a map of reported or predicted spawning Pokemon based on previous reports but you don’t need to login with another fake account as was the case with the previous ones. You can also get directions to the nearest Pokemon by a single tap.

4. PokeLIVE: Another one that is not available on the app store. This one will give you notifications when a Pokemon spawns nearby and will even give you the exact time before it disappears again. this one also requires you set up a fake Trainer account but the app can guide you with that and even allow you to filter Pokemon.

5. PokeMesh: This hacking tool is currently available to Android users although many were speculating on whether it would be made available to iPhone users as well. The app claims to have detected 150,000 Pokemon and 30,000 per minute on average.


One last thing, Niantic has banned a lot of Pokemon GO players for using hacks and tracking tools so we would advise you to be very careful while using these. We, here at MobiPicker, won’t be responsible for anyone getting permanently banned from playing the game.


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