Are you living in rural areas and are barely able to catch Pokemon? Well, don’t worry because the new Pokemon GO update is bound to change that for you. Since the recent update, players all over the internet have reported catching more Pokemon despite living in rural areas. But that’s not the end of it because Niantic is rumored to increase the spawn points even more. The more the merrier.

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Pokemon GO getting tracker update and more spawn points

Trackers were taken down after being introduced early on in the game’s release. They took down the trackers because they were overloading the servers. 50 million legit accounts across dozens of countries is one thing. Tracker sites use fake/temporary accounts to ping the PoGo server for data. If even half that 50 million used trackers, and each use of the tracker was just 10 ‘accounts’ hitting the server, they’d be dealing with a load of over 200 million accounts hitting their servers.

Increased spawn points were confirmed in rural areas by many Pokemon GO players. In addition, eggs seem to have a higher chance of hatching starter Pokemon. But recently we noticed a significant decrease of the chance to get an egg from pokestops. During the early release of the game, you needed to spin like 15 pokestops and your egg inventory was already full. Now it takes more than 30 pokestops to get all 9 eggs.

Players are complaining about the update to the tracker. The “NEARBY” takes up the most real estate of the pop-up, but only shows 2 Pokestops, so the screen is mostly the white background. The “SIGHTINGS” section now ONLY shows you 3 Pokemon, but those 3 may not even be the closest to you. When the original 3-step tracker was in the game you can actually track down 9 Pokemon.

This new tracker doesn’t feel like an upgrade from the previous system, and NOWHERE near the original 3-step tracker. It almost feels like Niantic is catfishing Pokemon Go users. But at least we now have an idea of where certain Pokémon are which is better than 99% of the rest of the time.

Niantic is also replacing the spawn locations of certain Pokemon as outlined in this Tweet.


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