It’s been already a couple of days since the official release of the popular game – Pokemon GO. Everyone all over the world already started playing the game and working on improving their characters. We have got you the initial setup covered in our recent article. Now, many people will be scratching their heads on how to improve their injured PokeCharacters. Don’t worry, we have covered you for the same and here is our guide on How to improve and energise your Pokemon. This is a step by step procedure and follow each step carefully for the maximum results.

Pokemon_Go1. In the initial step, you need to first find out your damaged Pokemon Monsters. To do that, simply press the Poke ball icon at the bottom of your Google maps-esque screen.

2. Now, click on Items tab. Then in the Items tab, you have to choose between two options: If your PokeCharacter has 0 HP left with it, then you need to hit ‘Revive’ or else if your PokeCharacter has 1 or more HP left with it, then you need to hit ‘Potion’

3. In the next screen, you will be shown all of your injured Poke Monsters. All you need to do is select the particular character which you want to heal.

4. Also, if you have more PokeCharacters, follow the same procedure will all of your characters.

So, the obvious question going through everyone’s mind will be – Where to get the Potions or Revives? That’s a simple task. Walk over through the PokeStops around you and at each PokeStop, you will definitely receive one Potion or Revive or Eggs or PokeCharacter.

A fainted Pokemon will get back to its normal life with the help of Revive and the Potions will head 20HP, on an average. So, if you have a higher level Pokemon, it will take one complete Potion to fully heal. If you don’t know, Potions will not work on fainted Pokemon; they are just healers. You need to first use Revive to bring back the fainted Pokemon to consciousness and then use Potion to bring back its health.

This guide is very much helpful for people who have crossed level 5 as it seems that the Potions and Revives won’t decrease below the level 5 and you will be able to access the Gym services only after the level 5. Also, do check out the 9 Problems Faced by Pokemon Go Users and their fixes.

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If you are already playing good and have some tips and tricks for fellow gamers, share in the comments below.