The much-anticipated Pokemon GO game was released earlier this month and has been already a sensation in the mobile gaming arena. That said, we are covering each and every step of the game and trying to keep you updated all the time in terms of game progress. In this article, we will be covering about one of the major aspect of the game – How to Hatch the Eggs? If you are a newbie to the game, firstly head over to our article on how to setup the Pokemon GO for the first time.

pokemon go beginner guide

In the Pokemon GO, the user needs to collect all the Pokemon as the game progresses forward. Now, you will be wondering on where to collect the Pokemon from? Well, the solution is very simple. In the Google Maps-Esque layout, you will be able to see that blue square bars which indicate that they are PokeStops. And, at each PokeStop, the user will be able to find an egg, items, or Revives and Pistons. If a particular player finds an Egg, he needs to place it in the incubator for further process.

Once after finding your Egg at a PokeStop, the user needs to hatch the Egg as the PokeCharacter is embedded under the Egg. That said, the only way to hatch these Eggs is by making your trainer walk. The more you walk, the faster your Eggs hatch.

Do make a note that a player needs to walk in order to hatch an Egg, as the game tracks the player movement of how fast they are moving. And, do remember that each user can hatch a single egg at a time. If a player wants to hatch multiple Eggs at a time, he needs to purchase the incubator via the in-app store available within the game itself. We have also mentioned a way to hatch eggs without walking.

If you have not downloaded the game so far, it is worth noting that a malicious Pokemon GO APK is also available on several sites and that could harm your device and sensitive data. It is advised that always download the game from trusted mirror sites like or


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