Pokemon GO is all about fun. After reaching level 5, each trainer needs to take the battles to improve his levels. That said, it will be challenging for each trainer to use the available attacks of each Pokemon more effectively. We have already written a guide on what are the Movesets available in the Pokemon GO with which you can attack the opposite Pokemon.

Pokémon GO

There are three Movesets available for each Pokemon– Fast Attack, Dodge Attack, and Special Attack. Fast Attack performs the regular attack of a Pokemon. Battles in Pokemon GO are more balanced in both attacking and defending moves. That said, attacks in Pokemon GO are not just based on tap on the screen to attack the opposite Pokemon, it requires skill and more understanding of the game. In this article, we will guide you through ‘How to Perform Dodge attacks Effectively”

A dodge attack is just a normal attack which can be performed by swiping left or right. If your enemy Pokemon is to left of you, then you need to dodge left to attack the Pokemon and vice-versa. Each player will be notified for a successful dodge, however, if the dodge fails to, the opposite Pokemon will be affected by some damage.

For better dodging results in battles, players should carry more potions and revives with them. A yellow light will be flashed on the screen indicating that the dodge attack needs to be performed. That said, you can attack the enemy Pokemon after the dodge attack, which heals creates much damage to the enemy Pokemon.

Trainers always need to understand the battle situation and there will be certain time for dodging and attacking. Having said that, choose a particular time, perform dodging, fast attack or special attack the Pokemon which yields you better results.

The Movesets also depends on your internet connectivity. For example, if you are late in dodging even after the yellow light splash, your attack will not affect the enemy Pokemon. However, some users on Reddit reported that there are some undodgeable moves, but none of them are confirmed by Niantic, as of now.

When you are in initial stages of dodging, you might lose some of your Pokemon in battles, however, end of the day, you will become a master in dodging which ultimately yield you many Pokemon in the real world. However, winning Gym battles will increase your level and you’ll also earn better items and much better Pokemon.


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