Pokemon GO experienced a grand first-week release. The game has already surpassed the popular dating app- Tinder in the US and today, it surpassed the popular social network Twitter, Candy Crush Saga in terms of active members. With this mammoth response, the company has stopped the global rollout, but apparently, resumed the rollout in the UK and some European countries.

Pokémon GO

One of the main features of the Pokemon GO is to catch the Pokemon around you. While some feel that this as very easy, but some people like me miserably failed to catch the Pokemon with a single shot. However, there is a trick which helps you to catch the Pokemon at a single throw. This trick helped me with almost each and every Pokemon and almost all the time. Moreover, the trick is very easy and reliable.

There are many Pokemon to deal with and capturing each Pokemon is really a huge task. The Pokemon are of Wild Type, Water Type, Fire Type, Rock Type, etc. Some of them are very easy to capture, while we cannot easily capture the Wild Type Pokemon, as they always dodge the Pokemon you throw at them.

This trick is often known as ‘SinaThrow’ as we don’t know who named it. But, this trick really worked, at least for me. For this trick to work, you need to first turn off the AR mode in the game. Now, whenever you find a Pokemon, just start swiping your finger on the screen by not giving time to the Pokemon to react. If you are late in doing this, you might end up wasting a Pokeball. You can get a clear idea about the trick by watching the video below:

We won’t guarantee 100 percent result with this trick, but will help for sure as many people all over the world tried this and worked fine for them. However, giving it a try does not lead you to waste your Pokeball.

There are some drawbacks as well with this trick. A user of the Pokemon GO on Reddit posted that using this trick made his entire screen background black which ultimately lead the user to restart the game. Brace yourself before trying this trick, however, you just need to relaunch the game to get back to the normal situation, but if you are successful in using this trick, you will end saving many Pokeballs.

Users all over the world have already started exploring the Pokemon GO cheats with which you can get free coins, Pokeballs, and items.


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