Many have wasted Pokeballs trying to catch Pokemon, especially those far from your location. Pokemon GO uses GPS to lay out a map with the player position shown. Distance covered in real life translate to almost the exact distance your avatar covers on the game’s precisely generated map. Catching Pokemon far away is a chore and it’ll be really helpful to catch them without wasting too many Pokeballs. Our Pokemon GO tips will help you catch Pokemon without wasting too many of those precious Pokeballs.

pokemon go tips
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Pokemon Go tips – use AR mode a lot

So, you must be wondering how stupid this Pokemon GO tip is because everyone knows turning the AR (augmented reality) mode for too long will drain a lot of battery. That’s one reason people keep it turned off for most of the time, unless they’re really close to the Pokemon. That may be true, but after we tell you this really cool Pokemon GO tip, you’d be encouraged to keep a battery bank with you.

Turn AR mode on and position the Pokemon at the bottom of the screen. Then throw the Pokeball. You’ll notice that you no longer have to lob the Pokeball just to get it to reach the Pokemon. Try this and you’ll be sure to catch a lot of Pokemon in no time.

Did you like this neat little Pokemon GO tip? Let us know in the comments. Pokemon GO is set to get a major update this month which will bring game-changing features to the augmented reality game. These changes might include Pokemon trading, Legendary Pokemon and a Buddy System in which you can take your Pokemon for a walk to earn candy. This has yet to be confirmed by developer Niantic. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for your daily Pokemon GO fix.


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