As we all know, Niantic added a new feature in Pokemon Go a few days ago, which has kind of enhanced the gameplay experience. The newly added feature is titled as “Appraisal” and it allows players to talk to their team leaders to know how strong a Pokemon is.

Through the new “Appraisal” feature, players get to know their Pokemon’s defense and attack capabilities in detail. This will help players decide which Pokemon will be more useful in a battle.

Now, Heavy created a small guide to help you understand what Candela’s sentences in Appraisal mean for Team Valor in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon GO

Team Valor Appraisal & IV

Here’s what Candela has to say regarding the overall analysis of a Pokemon’s IV range:

  • Overall, your (Pokemon) simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!” — IV 81% to 100%
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) is a strong Pokemon. You should be proud! — IV 67% to 80%
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) is a decent Pokemon.” — IV 51% to 66%
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) may not be great in battle, but I still like it!” — IV 0% to 50%

Team Valor on Pokemon Attack, HP, & Defense

To help you understand your Pokemon’s Attack, HP and Defence, you will be told which of these have the highest IV. In other words, you will be told which of the three (Attack, HP and Defence) is your Pokemon’s best attribute. However, if two or all of them have the same value, then you will be told that “It is matched equally by its ___.”

According to a Reddit user, Zachman1750, Candela will say: “I’m blown away by it’s stats, wow!” if your Pokemon happens to have at least one stat with a bonus value of 15. If it has IV of 13 or 14, Candela will say: “It’s got excellent stats! How exciting!”. However, if your Pokemon has one stat with a bonus value of 8 to 12, Candela will say: “Its stats indicate that in battle, it’ll get the job done.”

Team Valor on Pokemon Size

Although the size of your Pokemon won’t play an important role in the future, team leaders still love to comments on them.

  • For a XS Pokemon, Candela Says: “Your (Pokemon) is so tiny, I almost didn’t notice it!”
  • For an XL Pokemon, Candela Says: “Your (Pokemon) is gigantic-the largest I’ve ever seen!”
  • For a Large Pokemon, Candela Says: “Your (Pokemon) is rather sizable, that’s for sure!”
  • For a Small Pokemon, Candela Says: “Aww, what a small (Pokemon)! It’s rather cute, I’d say.”

That was all regarding what Team Valor’s Appraisal mean in Pokemon Go. Be sure to check out what Team Instinct’s Appraisal mean before you leave. Also, keep in mind that your Pokemon can now faint during training.


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