When talking about Pokemon GO, one of the toughest things inside the game is to choose your team. You can’t progress in the game without picking a team in Pokemon GO, and that’s where a lot of players get confuse. Once they are strong enough to join a team, people ask which team to choose in Pokemon GO.

Starting with the basics, there are 3 different teams in Pokemon GO- Team Instinct, Team Valor, and Team Mystic. Once you reach Level 5, these teams will be presented to you and you have to select your team in Pokemon GO that will represent you and that you will fight for. When you cross Level 5 and enter a gym for the first time, you will be introduced to three gym leaders and will need to join a team.

pokemon go team

You can only chose once, and the team you join will be with you as long as you play the game with that account. So think hard and make your decision. This is where players get confused and ask- which team should I join in Pokemon GO? Here are some things you should know before you decide.

Here is some info about the three teams in the game.

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Team Valor: This is the team with color code Red and is headed by Candela. The leader asserts that you should bond well with your Pokemon to tap into their powers and train them to be better. The legendary fire bird Moltres is the mascot of this team.

Team Instinct: Led by Spark, this Yellow team believes in trusting your instincts, reflected in its name. So if you instinctively feel that your Pokémon are very powerful and that you can win a battle by trusting yourself, then chose this team. Legendary bird Zapdos is the mascot.

Team Mystic: The leader of this blue team is Blanche, and this is the smartest team that is interested in evolution. The members of Mystic are cool and calm and are interested in the science behind Pokemon. So if that’s you, this is your way to go. The icy legendary Articuno is this team’s mascot.

After you have joined a team, you will start battling on behalf of that team. You will battle other teams’ trainers and will take over their gyms. So go pick your team, find gyms, and color the map in your team’s color.