Niantic’s Pokemon GO was once the number one mobile game. However, in recent months, the game developer has been seeing a huge decline of users as interest start to wane. In the first few weeks of getting introduced, the company registered around 45 million daily users. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore.

Pokemon GOBy the last estimate, Niantic has lost around 10 million daily users already. This is essentially the main reason why the developer is releasing new updates for the game on a regular basis; to ensure players have a reason to come back.

While Niantic is still working on the latest update for Pokemon GO, the company has already announced that there is another one coming this spring. And according to Niantic, this new update will bring in multiplayer co-op features to the game.

Since its first release, Niantic has conducted a number of events to gain back the users it has lost. Last year, the company did a Halloween and Thanksgiving event that featured new legendary Pokemon and various collectible items. This year, the most recent one was the Water Festival event that featured water-type Pokemon like Totodile, Squirtle, and Magikarp.

As for the Spring event, apart from co-op player mode, nothing much is known about it yet. However, some users speculate that it could be something like joining another player to either defend or take over a PokeGym. Furthermore, we are not sure yet which legendary Pokemon will be included in the said event. Nevertheless, players can expect a whole new level of fun with the new co-op game style.

Niantic is yet to announce the details of the upcoming spring event, as to when that is, all that can be said is that it is coming soon.

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