Pokemon Go is yet to arrive in several important nations including India. Fresh information suggest that the game may not release in India because of safety concerns.

Niantic is expected to release a major update to the game in the near future. The upgrade will bring along next generation Pokemon to the game.

Currently, the Pokemon GO game is available in 80 nations, but it is yet to release in major countries like China and South Korea. Fresh information suggests that a public interest litigation (PIL) has been registered in the Gujarat High Court to not to release the game in India citing that its arrival may cause road mishaps.

Even though the game has not been officially released in India, many users are enjoying the game by installing it through the APK file. Some players have reportedly encountered road accidents. The PIL states that the road mishaps may increase even more when the game is officially launched in India.

Pokemon Go

The game requires the player to walk around to find Pokemon and PokeStops. Hence, there is a possibility that the game may lead the players to unsafe locations. Moreover, there have been numerous instances of players who have injured themselves while Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO is banned in Iraq because of safety concerns. Some Pokemon GO enthusiasts feel that the game will arrive in India after further delay. However, players who wish to still the play Pokemon GO in India can visit APKMirror.com and search for the game.

Rumors have it that the Legendary Pokemon will be included in the next major Pokemon GO update. However, rumors have it that the major update will be made available only when the game is released in remaining countries. The game is yet to be available in other Asian nations such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


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