E3 is just around the corner and those who are interested in getting their hands on Pokemon Go as fast as possible will finally get a chance to get some details regarding the release date along with some additional stuff about the game. But, those who cannot wait even just a few days can have a look at the following details shared by GamenGuide to give an increase to their hype.

Pokemon Go Gameplay: As for gameplay, it will be adapted from the tv series. Players will have to catch as many Pokemon as they can and then later use them to battle other Pokemon masters. Players will also have the option to trade their Pokemon with others.

How To Catch A Pokemon In Pokemon Go: As for catching Pokemon, this is an exciting thing as players will have to go outside their houses to catch one. A location would be shown on the map where a Pokemon is located and it can be any location. By any we mean a mall, a sidewalk, a park or in the middle of a crowd. So this will be kind of an awesome thing considering the fact that you will be able to catch a Pokemon almost anywhere in the world.

Pokemon Go

For a location, an alert message will appear on the player’s mobile when a Pokemon is nearby and the player will have to quickly go to that location and use the gadget’s touch screen to launch a Poke Ball.

How Training Works In Pokemon Go: As for training, players will be able to customize their character/trainer. Different players from around the world will be able to see the trainer, which will play the role of your avatar in the game. Players can see your avatar either by visiting your homepage or while battling you. Keep in mind that the more you play Pokemon Go, the more strong you get. This leads you to capture even stronger Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Release Date: The most important thing is the release date. The developers still haven’t given a specific release date for the game, but it will most likely (rumors) arrive at the end of this year. Those who eagerly want to know the release date of the game first can simply visit E3 and get their questions answered.

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