The first Pokémon game dropped in Japan on February 27, 1996. Having come a long way, the company has every reason to celebrate its 20th anniversary in a grand style. A virtual console version of the game is set to go live on the 27th of February but it is unknown if Pokémon GO will follow.

pokemon go

Besides how convenient the date appears, other pointers that favour the date includes;

1) The popular Game website Game Freak makes reference to February 27 whenever they mention Pokémon GO which also goes in line with initial reports that the game will be ready early 2016.

2) Pokémon GO co-developers, Niantic Labs has successfully completed plans to showcase an augmented reality game called Ingress. The Labs regularly holds “Ingress Anomalies,” which affords players the opportunity to participate in events held at specific cities and earn points for the game’s competing factions. What is more interesting is that the next Ingress Anomaly is scheduled for February 27.

3) Not only is Ingress Anomaly set for February 27 (coinciding with Pokémon 20th anniversary), it will hold in Rio de Janeiro. Earlier, we brought you the news of the Super Bowl commercial (which showed new Pokémon trainers around the world) released to mark the anniversary of Pokémon and it may interest you to know that the commercial was shot in Rio too.

All these may just be mere coincidence but hopefully, the February 27 Ingress Anomaly (which also marks Pokémon’s 20th anniversary) will bring us surprises or at least, some good news on Pokémon GO. In the absence of the official report from the developers or Nintendo, all fans can live on is speculations and trying to link available details. We will hopefully find out the true state of things in a few weeks’ time.

Does these ‘coincidence’ seal it for you that Pokémon GO will most definitely be released on that date? Tell us in the comment box.