It was all about Pokemon GO in the last few days or so. You can download APK if not downloaded yet and then check out the beginners guide along with the problems & fixes for the game. Niantic released one of the best augmented reality game which is currently ruling the world, and apparently the company is hogging the data packs in both Android and iOS. Having said that the game not only requires data services to be turned on all the time but also requires the device GPS to be turned on all the time.

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As per our gameplay reports, the game consumed about 10MB of data for around an hour in real time usage. You can read our in-depth results on how much data will the game use. Now, there are some people who monthly manage a data plan and there are some people who always rely on Wi-Fi. That said, this is our guide on How to Preserve Your Data while playing the game.

1) Try to make use of Wi-Fi

This condition is obviously not for Indian people as the country is not yet Wi-Fi free. If you are the US resident, this tip will surely help to save your mobile data. Now, the entire US is Wi-Fi and try to make use of it. If you move to a new place, just search for the available Wi-Fi network nearby and connect to it with which you can play and enjoy the game.

2) Kill all the background apps using data

One of the best features of Android is that you can restrict background data for a particular app, which helps lessen the data consumption. While playing the Pokemon GO, make sure that you have restricted the useless background apps such as Google Play Services, Google Now Launcher, etc from using the data. With this restriction, your data usage will be minimised and you can get optimum results. However, if you are an iOS user, you can’t get rid of individual apps separately, which is a bit of a letdown.

3) Plan your travels accordingly

The important thing with the Pokemon GO is that the players need to walk while playing. The developers of the game embedded a beautiful algorithm, which detects your mode of transport. If you are travelling in some vehicle, the game does not work. So, it is very important to plan your trip accordingly. Suppose, if you are heading PokeStop, make sure that you are heading the right way and zoom out the Google Maps-Esque layout to check the PokeStops nearby, which is very important. Cover all the nearby PokeStops with a single visit.

Apart from that, you can also save data by switching on the power saver mode inside Pokemon GO settings and also the power saver mode of your phone if it has one. Carry power banks with you if you are a crazy player roaming around the city the whole day.

Hope, these tips will help you to reduce mobile data usage while playing Pokemon GO. We are looking for more ways to save data consumption for the game and will update in the article once we will have something useful. If you know any tips on saving mobile data usage for Pokemon GO players, share in the comments below.


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