A new video (check out at the bottom of this article) is revolving around the web right now and shows the stampede that was by a rare Pokemon Vaporeon in the hyper-trending game Pokemon GO. The incident happened at Central Park, New York City at around 11 PM on Thursday when hundreds of players rushed to the area to catch the special creature. Someone call out that a Vaporeon had spawned nearby. Once one player catches a Pokemon, it will only linger on other player’s apps for a few minutes before despawning.  So, hundreds of players rushed towards the Vaporeon’s location, hoping to grab the Pokemon before it disappeared.

pokemon go

Everybody knows that Pokemon GO is the biggest trend since a week now, and people are going crazy about catching Pokemon in real life with the augmented reality game. Talking about the incident, when players learnt that a Vaporeon had spawned in the area, everybody just rushed to the place. That’s because if a player is successful in catching the Pokemon, it will be visible on other player’s screen only for a few minutes before disappearing.

The video we are talking about was captured by a Pokemon GO player who watched in amusement while the crowd rushed to throw their Pokeballs at the rare Pokemon. You will even witness a man jumping out of his running car to go catch the creature. But why is it a big fuss? Because you can’t choose what creature Eevee will evolve into, which is why you just have to take whatever comes your way.

As we said, Eevee is rare, and even rarer are its evolutions, which is why the Pokemon GO stampede was caused. Let’s just hope nobody got injured.