Pokemon GO was released just recently, but players are progressing at such a fast rate that they are bored with the common Pokemon. People are now looking for rare Pokemon, and Dragonite is one of the most sought in the new augmented reality game.

As we already know, Dragonite the flying dragon colored in orange. It lives near the ocean, rescues drowning humans, and has the ability to fly faster than the speed of sound. According to a new report, Dragonite sits at the list of the most searched rare Pokemon in Massachusetts. The Pokemon seems to be extremely rare in the city.

dragonite pokemon go

Players in Rhode Island and five other states are searching for Pikachu more frequently. And why not? It’s the face of the whole Pokemon franchise. “Where are” and “how do I find” are the most common search question related to the Pokemon in question. Meanwhile, Eevee is another most often searched rare Pokemon in Texas, Nevada, Alaska, North Carolina, and Illinois.

The purple blob Ditto sits at the third position in terms of search popularity. It is more often searched in South Dakota, Maryland, Alabama, and New York. Which rare Pokemon are you searching or have already found? Comment below.