Shortly after Pokemon GO was launched, we started hearing about several accidents that had happened with the people playing them. Some crashed their cars while some fell from stairs. A girl even found a dead body beside a river. Today, DailyMail reported that a Pokemon GO rape has been reported in Moscow!

Pokemon Go

In the Russian capital, a woman has lodged a formal complaint with the Police that a Pokemon attempted to rape her. According to her, she was playing Pokemon GO before she fell asleep. When she woke up, she found a giant Pokemon lying on top of her, trying to rape her. Of course, that’s what happened according to her.

The woman, whose name has been withheld, said that she jumped out of her bed and the Pokemon disappeared. However, when she checked the Pokemon GO app on her phone, the same Pokemon was detected on her bed. Her husband didn’t believe her and advised her to go meet a psychiatrist. The woman visited a psychic without any positive result.

Ivan Makarov, a friend of the Pokemon GO rape “victim”, said that the woman’s house is full of a lot of Pokemon and her dog can also sense the virtual characters. The dog starts barking whenever the woman plays the game. Well, we can now say that Pokemon GO has made players go crazy, literally!


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