The recent changes to Pokemon GO Plus make slight but welcoming improvements. You now have the option to turn off notifications. This allows players to select multiple notifications mode. Scanning is still the same with the device looking out for both Pokestops and Pokemon. Here’s a quick summary of the Pokemon GO Plus Update.

pokemon go plus update
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Pokemon GO Plus Update

“You can also individually enable or disable each of these notifications based on your preference. In addition, when you are out with your Buddy Pokémon you can choose to not receive notifications, and just record the distance of your walks. Lastly, the Pokémon GO Plus accessory will remain paired with the Pokémon GO app if you choose to use the app while interacting with Pokémon or Gyms.”

Also, a lot of players noticed that battery life after the update has become faster. So, now your battery will drain much faster than before. What tracking-while-locked actually does for the game is save battery life, but not as much as you might think. Yes, using Pokémon GO Plus is better than having the game open and active on your screen all the time, but it’s using GPS, and every time you spin a PokéStop or catch a Pokémon, a notification flashes on your phone, lighting up the screen. So while battery usage is reduced, using Plus will still drain it pretty consistently.

Reducing Pokémon Go to a minigame where you literally just press a single button is more than a little weird. Yes, it saves battery life, and we can imagine some instances where this would be useful where you can’t have your phone out. But if you like the game, it seems like you’re better off actually playing it than mashing this button whenever it buzzes.

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