Pokemon Go developer Niantic has just released a huge new update to fight all the cheaters, Bot Accounts and Third-party Trackers that help see the rare spawns on game’s map. With the new update, Niantic aims to disable all the attempts to cheat at the game. In addition, various penalties are also introduced for all those who violate game’s policies.

The new update will now make it harder for all those who use the Bot Accounts in order to gain access to all the game’s best rewards. The bot accounts help Pokemon Go players to track more powerful Pokemon in the game world. After the new update, this feature will specifically be banned.

The scanned area will not show any rare Pokemon or the other good spawns. This means that the Spoofing is now impossible in the game. And all those who previously used it will now not be able to track the best Pokemon. This will, in turn, enhance user experience and will affect all those who used the tracking apps in the past. Leveling up will now be as challenging for all those who used the bots.

However, the latest post from the Pokemon Go Hub suggests that these new improvements will never be enough to fight and defeat the bot accounts. As the Pokemon Go hub states;

“This is a band-aid fix and it targets only accounts that were previously detected and flagged as malicious. Several trackers have already defeated the new security measure by creating fresh new accounts.

Community reactions say that this measure hurts also legitimate players that occasionally use tracking apps. Although using map trackers is against the in-game ToS. Our recent Twitter poll showed that 81% of participants are OK with that.”

It’s currently Niantics very first attempt to get rid of Spoofing and Bot Accounts. Hopefully, it’ll get better soon and players will be able to enjoy a fully secured and safe Pokemon Go experience.


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