Massive Pokemon Go updates are the ones that catch the most of audience’s attention. But in the wake of the recent Pokemon Go Easter Event, the developer Niantic has implemented an update that literally has hammered down on all the Spoofers violently.

Based on the recent developments, Niantic has recently randomized the IV, Movesets, Weight-Height data for the wild pocket monsters. Niantic made it possible for each trainer level up to 25.

This simply means that if a Pokémon spawns at level 23 for you, and at level 18 for any of your friends, both of the Pokémon will be very different from each other. Before Niantic implemented the new IVs, Movesets, Weight and height details, they remained same. In the previous system, they remained the same even if their CP was different.

This previously helped the Spoofers a lot. They previously used a technique that allowed them to use the scanners to hunt down the Pokemon that have the best IV, Movesets, etc. in the wild. This technique is now fully useless as from the level 1 to 25, all the data related to Pokemon is randomized on every level of the game.

This is currently Niantic’s third major turn to cater with the spoofing problem. A previous attempt by Niantic hammered down on the more common Android spoofing technique and system. In return, it introduced the Shiny Magikarp into the game. Shiny Magikarp were the unique spawns by the players. In addition, the Shiny Magikarp cannot be located easily and the spoofers cannot track them down.

All these randomization mechanics suggest that this will fight the spoofers as well as pave the way for Shiny Pokemon. And the new shinies will definitely be coming out soon as the spoofing is now over.

It’s a very nice step by Niantic to tackle the Spoofing as its having a very negative effect on the game and the players. It will definitely help players play the game safely and engage in it more than ever before.

Source: Forbes


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