Recently, the newly released mobile game from Niantic, Pokemon Go received an update which was meant to improve the game’s performance. However, many players felt like the game got destroyed after the update, as the developers removed some of the most important features from the game.

As seen on Reddit, Niantic is currently experiencing a hailstorm of negative criticism from players who are against the decision of removing some features and blocking third-party apps from the game. These features and apps allowed players to hunt down Pokemon with ease.

One of the features removed from the game was “Nearby”. This feature was used to tell how close a Pokemon is. For example, it would show three or two footsteps next to a tiny monster icon on the screen. Through this, players were able to tell which Pokemon is more close to them.

Pokémon GO

However, as this feature was buggy, the Pokemon Go community decided to make their own Pokemon tracker and were able to successfully create PokeVision. PokeVision was easy to use and was better than Nearby. But now, Niantic has removed Nearby from the game and has blocked access to many third-party apps including PokeVision.

The Pokemon Go community also managed to create another application, PokeHoud, which helped players in locating their favorite Pokemon. But now, both PokeVision and PokeHound are out of service. Here’s what one of the founders of PokeVision had to say regarding this.

There is currently no official statement from Niantic on this, but all we can do now is to wait and see what the developers have in mind for us.

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