Pokemon Go is making tons of news nowadays as a number of new improvements are being made to the game. The developer recently made improvements to the game’s biggest problem, Spoofing. Cheaters and Third-party Trackers are now unable to see the rare spawns, thanks to the new Pokemon Go update.

Now that the Spoofing problem is out of the way, news of Niantic setting up for a massive new update is in circulation over the web. According to several new reports, Niantic is working to make the Legendary Pokemon part of the game along with some move sets improvements.

Niantic has been recently teasing the fans with hints about the Legendary Pokemon and a massive new summer update. Recently, Pokemon Go managed to win 5 major awards at the annual Webby Awards and it was named one of the best mobile games of the year.

While receiving the award and talking to the Webby Awards attendees, Pokemon Go Marketing lead, Archit Bhargava told the fans that “This Summer is going to be legendary.” This is possibly a hint from the developer for fans that in the summer season they’ll be treated to some Legendary Pokemon appearances in the game.

However, Bhargava’s message gives a very little information about the game’s upcoming content. It seemingly confirms that the Legendary Pokemon are going to be part of the game soon. If it happens to be true, it’ll fit in quite well with the previous reports and rumors about new Raids system and Gym revamps.

As of now, Pokemon Go fans are busy enjoying the Rock-type event which will be ending on May 25th, 2017. During the Rock-type event, all the Pokemon go fans will keep on receiving more new items from the Pokestops. They’ll also be able to receive more candy from the Buddy Pokemon. In addition, the Rock-type Pokemon will appear in greater quantities throughout the event.

Rumors about the inclusion of Shiny Aerodactyl in the Rock-type event are false. Pokemon Go fans will be disappointed to know that these are just rumors and in reality, there are no shiny Aerodactyl going to appear in the game. Reports claim that during the Rock-type Event, the Shiny Aerodactyl will become the third Pokemon to capture a Shiny variant. But they are not, so you should know that the Shiny Aerodactyl are not going to be part of the game as of now or in near future. In addition, the developer isn’t also giving any hints about their appearance as well.

After the bad news of no Shiny Aerodactyl, this good news will definitely cheer up the Pokemon Go fans. The developer Niantic seems to have been working on introducing new changes to the app. These changes could include the improvements in Move sets. Some fans complained to Niantic that they are not able to swap the move sets. Niantic seems to have been listening to the fans after all.

In a recent tweet, the developer said that;

“Thanks for reaching out. This is not currently available, unfortunately, but we are aware of the community’s interest in this feature.”

This leads to the speculation that some internal discussions are taking place as of now. So, maybe the fans will soon have this problem gone away for good.

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Hopefully, by following the current trends, Niantic will keep on improving the game. And the fans will be able to enjoy some of the Legendary appearances soon.