Latest Pokemon Go news for this week reveals Niantic’s plans for an Event Update and plans to revamp the Gym Battle.

Pokemon Go updates have been the most discussed topics by both Niantic and the fans and with all the news coming in from events such as MWC (mobile World Congress) and GDC (game Developers Conference) 2017 in perspective, we can say that something really big is heading our way.

The latest news about the game was released by Pokemon Go CEO John Hanke at SXSW Conference and Festivals in Austin, Texas. Hanke confirmed that Niantic is working on some new ideas.

However, Hanke didn’t reveal anything about those ideas and instead, he stated that “these new projects had not been revealed by his team yet”. This actually rules out all the major points from the talks of past few months. The talks included topics such as Gym Battle Revamp, Trading, and all the additional PvP features of Pokemon Go.

This could possibly be a reference to the not yet revealed Pokemon Go event that’s being worked out by Hanke’s Team while all the Pokemon Go fans are waiting eagerly for the Festive Pikachu characters. It’s now evident that the new Pokemon Go event will be involving some new festive hats and the Pikachu.

The 20th Anniversary of the Pokemon Anime Series and the release of the 20th Pokemon movie are going to offer a chance to Pokemon Sun and Moon fans to download any one of the Six Pikachu models. Keep in mind that each one of these Pikachu models will be wearing an Ash’s Hat similar to the TV show.

All the fans will be able to get a code for the Pokemon Sun and Moon hats by Pre-ordering the Tickets for the Film.

So far nothing has been announced for Pokemon Go in detail, however, an advert by the Japanese giant is making waves on the web. This promotional advert suggests that the Pokemon Go might be getting something very similar.

According to the Japanese Cinema giant TOHO, they have already made an agreement with Niantic for Pokemon Go. TOHO released a promotional video that shows Pikachu spinning a Pokestop. The Pokestop splits into a number of Pokeballs with Ash’s Hats in the video.

Internet Data miners have made another discovery about Niantic possibly changing the Gym battles. If we look at all the Niantic’s revelations, we’ll know that Niantic has already stated that the next update will be a major one as compared to the rest of the previous ones. The team at Pokemon Go Hub have a more detailed look at what’s actually going to be tweaked in the game in future. The oncoming changes might be about the Gym Battles and a number of other things in the game.

According to the latest post on Pokemon Go Hub site, Phil Keslin, Niantic’s CTO accidentally revealed at O’Reilly Cloud Scaling Conference that

We recently learned that Niantic doesn’t yet have the technology to connect long distance points on the map like in Ingress. With that in mind, Niantic can’t create team based objectives as they do in Ingress – There is no ‘Gym Links’ or ‘Gym Connections’.

This coming out from a very important person at Niantic makes it evident that there are going to be a lot of changes in the Gym battles. Niantic will definitely be revamping the Gym battles for a better approach to the connection between long distance points, Gym Links, and Gym Connections.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing all these positive changes in the game when the new update is released later this year.


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