Last week, we reported that players were getting permanently banned in Pokemon Go for using cheats. Niantic was kind of issuing a permanent ban for those players who were using GPS Spoofing and bots to catch Pokemon. Even those who were using third-party apps were getting a permanent ban. But now, instead of a permanent ban, Niantic has started issuing soft bans for such players.

You must be wondering what a soft ban is in Pokemon Go. Well, according to some users on Reddit who got a soft ban, they are still able to log in to their Pokemon Go accounts and are even able to catch Pokemon, but they are unable to access the Gyms and they cannot use Pokestops. This means that your account won’t get banned if you use cheats, but it will get pretty much ruined.

Pokemon Go

A user on Reddit also stated that even though he got a soft ban, he was still able to access everything after a few hours. But we don’t know for exactly how long a soft ban remains, but don’t get your hopes up too high because some users are unable to access some features after getting a soft ban for two weeks now.

Niantic is also sending cease and desist letters to the developers of various third-party apps related to Pokemon Go. Some of them have taken their apps down after getting a letter from Niantic, while some are still up and running.

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