It’s the time of Easter and almost all of the Pokemon Go fans are busy enjoying the Easter event. At the moment, Niantic is also busy in planning a new major update after the Easter event.

Various online reports suggest that Niantic is planning a huge summer event in the month of July 2017. Recently, Niantic’s General Manager Asia Yoshiji Kawashima hinted about some new features that are due implementation in the game soon. However, Kawashima never confirmed the release of any Legendary Pokemon.

According to Kawashima-

“I hope you are looking forward to this huge event this summer. Please look forward to it. Engineers are working hard now so that new functions can be implemented.”

It’s also believed that the new Raids will be joining the release of new Legendary Pokemon on the Summer event. The legendary Pokemon that are expected to join the game include Zapados, Articuno, and Moltres.

A recent study suggests that the Pokemon Go helps the players lead a very happy life. The study was carried out by the University of Wisconsin. It now turns out that Pokemon Go Easter event isn’t the only thing making the players happy. This is what actually made the developer of Pokemon Go Niantic happy beyond limits.

Fans often use the app while they are exercising. This leads to some really positive emotions linked with the feelings of Nostalgia. According to a researcher James Alex Bonus-

“For the most part, the Pokemon Go players said more about positive things. That were making them feel their life was more worthwhile, more satisfactory, and making them more resilient.

The more people were playing, the more they were engaging in behaviors that reflected making new connections. Making Facebook friends, introducing themselves to someone new, exchanging phone numbers with someone. Or spending more time with old friends and learning new things about them.”

Bonus suggests that more and more companies should make apps similar to Pokemon Go. He also suggests that more people should use apps like this to improve their life and experiences.

Niantic is reportedly also working on a Pokemon Go wearable Augmented Reality tech at the moment. It’s a speculation that Niantic will launch the new tech soon. It will help both Pokemon Go and Ingress fans.  However, Niantic has yet to confirm it’s release dates. Hopefully, this new tech will be another great thing that will help improve the lives of masses.

Source: ExpressOnline


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