As we all know, Pokemon Go was officially launched in 15 Asian Countries by Niantic last night, but at the same time, the game got banned in Iran for some security reasons.

According to BBC, High Council of Virtual Spaces of Iran has banned Pokemon Go in their country because they consider the game as a security threat. The Council only said that this was done due to “security concerns”, but they weren’t kind enough to provide the full details behind their decision.

Pokemon Go

Now, the reason behind this may be Iran not wanting people to go search for Pokemon at night as it can be troublesome. Also, they might not want a lot of people to gather at the same place for many hours only to find a Pokemon. This can also lead to people visiting restricted areas.

As for now, Iran becomes the first country to ban Pokemon Go. It would without any doubt, disappoint a lot of Pokemon fans in the country who were eagerly waiting to get their hands on the game.

As mentioned above, Pokemon Go became officially available in 15 Asian Countries last night, but not in India, China, and Pakistan. However, there are a lot of rumors stating that the game is scheduled to launch in these three countries at the end of August or at the start of September.

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