The latest Pokemon Go Update has revealed more crucial info about the upcoming Pokemon Go Anniversary Event. The news follows the recent Raids release for every one of Pokemon Go Players.

While Niantic is step by step boosting up player’s experience on Pokemon Go, the developer is also releasing info about the changes that have yet to come. The dataminers have discovered hints about the Pokemon Go Anniversary Event in recently revealed Shiny Pikachu and the game’s birthday event.

Recently, a minor Bug Fix was released silently by the developer Niantic, but it turned out to be one of the biggest reveals of all times. An additional data string was found in the files that state “ONE_YEAR_ANNIVERSARY.”

This string clearly points out to a massive new Pokemon Go event that’s that the Niantic is brewing up and it will soon be revealed. This also shows that Niantic wants to celebrate the game’s first successful year in a style. However, what it’s really about, nobody knows yet. The developer is likely to release information about it soon.

As the game was launched on July 6th last year, so it hints about a new event might be launching soon. This is an exciting news for the Pokemon Go fans as well as Niantic themselves. This is basically why all the fans should expect to hear more about the upcoming event soon.

As there is no official word out on the upcoming massive Pokemon Go event yet, this could also mean that a more identical event to the recent Solstice Celebration can also be in store for the fans. Maybe, it’ll allow the fans to catch some rare or legendary Pokemon and earn some exciting bonuses, etc.

It is also highly likely that the next big event turns out to be something really similar to the Pokemon Go Fest which took place in Chicago, USA. So, what is Niantic actually planning? Well, this will truly be fully revealed when the developer reveals more info about the upcoming event. So far, nothing has been confirmed by the developer.

This remarkable news came in just after the Raids release and the continuous Raids requirements drops. It was previously believed that Niantic will keep the Raids requirements high for a longer time period. However, the latest Raids requirement drops and several other new features related to it, Niantic has now allowed the Level 5 and above players to enjoy the newly released Raids.

Hopefully, the upcoming event will be the Anniversary event and fans will have loads of new and exciting experience with the game. It’ll definitely bring back more players and the overall engagement level will increase as well. It’ll not only make the game exciting but will also force Niantic to keep on introducing new things to the game.


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