Pokémon GO’s field tests are live now in Japan, and we’re seeing more and more information on how the mysterious mobile game actually works. The latest leak comes from a 13-minute video that has since been taken down. Reddit users, thankfully, managed to snag the highlights of what was learned in the video before it was taken down. Here’s all the juicy deets.

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Fans of the Pokémon anime will be glad to know the Pokéball’s button now glows red just before the Pokémon is caught, just like in the show. You use Pokéballs to catch Pokémon, of course, and doing that nets you XP. Specifically, you get 500 XP for a new Pokémon, 100 XP for a normal capture and 10 XP for a “Nice throw!” message. “Great!” throws get you 50 XP instead of 10. Every time you capture a Pokémon, you get a crystal shard. Collect enough shards, and you can evolve that Pokémon.

Next up, there seem to be two attacks per Pokémon, a fast attack and a chard one. Pokéstops are portals that you hack, pop the bubbles on a spinning disk, and you get the items contained within. Pokéstops are represented on the map as little blue blocks. As we’ve covered before, the player character can level up, and levelling up nets you a bonus. Pokéstops also give the player XP, which can be used to level up, of course.

Check out the Reddit post for more details. What do you think about these gameplay details for Pokémon GO? Let us know in the comments below.


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