We have a bit of Pokemon GO news for you guys. A lot of people think the game’s kind of dead but it had a revival recently with the Halloween event. Arguably, the downloads and player count jumped back up again during Halloween event and continues to rise as player anticipate more exciting updates for the game. So, what does Pokemon GO have in store for us next?

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Could daily quests and rewards be the next thing in Pokemon GO?

Big updates will be the only things that’ll get people to continue playing the game. PvP, trading, and possibly league battling sounds nice but is it confirmed? Not yet but there are major rumors regarding that and several other things as well. Seems like Niantic needs to hire more people to keep up with all this demand for bigger updates (trading, personal battles, gen 2, etc). We don’t really know/guess as to why else they could be slow to update the game since they got it released to most areas around the world by now.

Some people live in rural areas or places a bit out of reach of pokestops and gyms. Thus they don’t find rare Pokemon and they haven’t completed the pokedex, so daily quests and rewards may be something that will keep them interested.

We understand why everything would not be released all at once. The initial release was also a stress test. If they were overloaded with everyone playing already, imagine how bad it might have been with all of the features out at once. They are a small company and their little game was way more popular than they had expected. We think they will hit their stride fairly soon (next few months) and then things will be going smoothly from then on out. Hopefully, that will be the case.


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