We want to share something really exciting with you today. Every Pokemon GO player is a big fan of the Silph Road nest atlas. It’s a really good resource for catching Pokemon. Now, the question which most Pokemon GO players always have is whether they can view all the nests in their immediate surroundings. And the answer is yes, you can. Silph Road’s entire website has gotten a overhaul and now it includes a lot of useful information. However, what you should really focus on is the nest atlas as this is your ultimate Pokemon GO Nest Location Guide.

pokemon go nest location guide
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Pokemon GO Nest Location Guide – Silph Road atlas now shows all nest locations

The new revamped atlas will show you every species of Pokemon without asking you to select a specie first before displaying nest locations. There are several pins on the map. The ones with numbers correspond to a specific specie of Pokemon. That means it’s a confirmed nest because more than one person has reported a nest to be there. Ones with question mark are unverified nests. That means someone reported the nest but nobody else went there to verify it.

If you only want to see confirmed nests, just choose the Verfied, Unverified drop down box on top. Then select Verified and uncheck Unverified. This will make sure you see only confirmed nests.

If you zoom out, you can get a broad overview of where every nest is. You can also filter by species, just choose the specific specie in the Specie drop down box. This will make sure you get candy for that specific Pokemon.

Hopefully our Pokemon GO Nest Location Guide was a huge help to you. Niantic recently dropped an update for the game as well which adds a host of new changes. One of these is a decrease in the evolution time.


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