Pokémon GO: How Much Data Will it Use? Mobile Data and Battery Usage Results Revealed

Pokémon GO is now available on iOS and Android. If you own an Android smartphone, you can find the Android APK over here. Also, do not download games or apps from suspicious sites as a malicious APK for Pokemon GO is already making rounds on the internet and might harm your device.

Coming on the subject, most of the bigger questions concerning Pokémon GO mainly surround its battle system, its levelling system and so on. One relatively less common question would be how much data the game uses, seeing as a lot of people across the world will be using it on mobile data plans, which can be very expensive. So how much data does Pokemon GO use?

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We have got you the real life usage of the game. We played the game for about 54 minutes and the results are as follows:

Pokemon GO Mobile Data Usage

The major question which players are looking for is, How much data does the game consume? Does it use a lot of data? Well, we have the answer for you now. The Pokemon Go consumed just about 10MB of data for our entire 54 minutes of game play and we are just pleased with the data consumption as there is a lot of hype regarding the amount of data used by the game. Do make a note that we are on Bharti Airtel network and our network is 4G LTE.

pokemon go mobile data

pokemon go mobile data

Ultimately, it would all depend on what data is being transferred to and from the game. Still, it would be nice if most people didn’t have to subscribe to a whole new data plan just to play the game. If you can, do play the game on an unlimited WiFi network whenever possible. You can check out few simple ways to reduce data consumption on Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Battery Usage

The next obvious question after the data consumption results will be the battery life. We played the game on a OnePlus 2 running Oxygen OS 3.0.2 and the results are quite brilliant. The device discharged just from 57 percent to 38 percent for 54 minutes of game play, which is quite astonishing when looking at the device’s continuously connected to 4G LTE and GPS. It is worth noting that you can reduce battery usage on Pokemon GO by following the few simple steps.

pokemon go battery consumption

pokemon go app details of cpu usage and more

We are playing the game continuously to gather more details on the usage of Mobile data and battery. Once we will complete our analysis, we will update this article with detailed information. If you are also playing and making a note of your battery and Mobile data usage, share the details in the comments below. If you are an iOS user, check out how much mobile data and battery it consumes on iPhone.

  • AdHocTask

    I play ingress obsessively and it’s not uncommon that I’d have spent 2GB or more per month on Ingress. I’m not alone on that, either, but those that play less will use less. I could maybe conserve more, but using WiFi is cumbersome when you’re on the move.

    “Pokémon GO is a much more complex beast, compared to Ingress, featuring vastly more in-depth systems and design, so there is a possibility that the data usage for the game might actually end up more than Ingress”
    This is speculation; there’s no way to know this because the game is not released. Even if it was, we’d have a very limited window into the complexity of the internal design. And even if we knew how complex the design was, that would not be very helpful to guess at how much data it transfers; it is possible to have a complex system that doesn’t actually transfer much data. It depends on the application.

    • Jonathan Swaringen

      So I I were to play 1 hour every day for 30 days I would use about 550 mb which is less than 1 gig? Did you play the Ingress game more than an hour or did it actually use more data than Pokemon Go…

      • AdHocTask

        Oh, I’d play it for 4 hours at a time sometimes. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

      • melvin2898

        550 mb is a lot.
        i don’t think my data plan can handle that

  • Snogorrilla

    Hey everyone! I just clocked my data usage on mobile data for an hour period:

    17.5 MB p/hr
    0.4 Battery charges p/hr

    My cellular provider registered a usage of 20MBs between 2224 and 2332.

    In that time I spent 47 minutes playing Pokemon Go using mobile data.

    I use an iPhone 5S. I had Wi-Fi assist, and all other apps and background use, turned off where possible. I accessed no other apps during the time period.

    I caught over half a dozen pokemon (a couple of zubat and wheedle, nidoran, clefairy, psyduck, gloom, magikarp)
    I also took 3 pictures and accessed at least 20 poke spots.

    I missed a couple of good pokemon, due to travelling at speed on a bus: a Growlithe, and a Bulbasaur (not my starting pokemon).

    I also clocked up 40% battery usage in that one hour. XD whoa. Travelling with my charger now.


    17.5 MB p/hr
    0.4 Battery charges p/hr

    • Thuong Dinh

      Pardon me if I’m wrong but between 2224 and 2332 is 108 minutes and therefore if you use (47/108) x 20 you get about 8MB per 47 minutes. and therefore multiply that by 60/47 to get 11.11MB/hr. so shouldn’t it be 11.11mb/hr and not 17.5 mb/hr? please answer

      • Enom

        2224 to 2332 equals 68 minutes in 24 hour format, because there is 60 minutes in an hour. You’ve made a deduction assuming 100 minutes = an hour. As he was barely using any other data during that 68 minutes, as described, there is no need to calculate a ratio of data during the times outside of 47 minutes. If anything, based on 20mbs during 68 minutes, where only 47 minutes were used playing Pokemon Go, I’d actually speculate you’re both wrong. Infact, the average based on this data would be 25.5mb/hr because only 47 minutes usage was clocked, and as described, no other apps were used during that 68 minutes. Thus, 20/47 = 0.425mb a minute of data * 60 = 25.5mb an hour, roughly.

        • Thuong Dinh

          yeah I didn’t read that 20mb was only mobile data. thanks