After months of wait, the Pokemon GO augmented reality (AR) game has been finally released to the public. Fans are going crazy about the new game that definitely has some punch to it, and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you definitely should. Pokemon GO is available for Android and iOS, but is limited to certain countries as of now. You can install Pokemon GO APK if the game isn’t showing up on the Play Store.

pokemon go shop

Pokemon GO is definitely a very cool game, but it’s free and the makers definitely need to earn from something. There are many freebies in the already free game, but for most of the other exciting game, you will have to pay real money if you really want to stock up the resources. Let’s talk about those Pokemon GO microtransactions.

All the stuff in the game costs you gold, and the game itself starts with no gold in your pocket. You will probably win some gold every day or week as a reward or a special offer. May it be Pokeballs or egg incubators, you need to shell out cash from your wallet if you want to progress in the game quickly.

pokemon go pokecoins real cost

The gold in Pokemon GO is called Pokecoin, and a 100 Pokecoins will cost you $0.99. And using those 100 Pokecoins, you can buy 20 Pokeballs. If you really want to stock up 200 Pokeballs, you will need 800 Pokecoins that will cost you approx $8. Talking about other things in the shop, you can buy one Incense for 80 Pokecoins and 8 units for 500 Pokecoins. The Incense will help you attract Pokemon to your location.

The shop also contains “Lure Module”, which is just like Incense, but it attracts Pokemon to a particular Pokestop instead of your current location. One Lure Model costs 100 Pokecoins, and 8 Lure Model units cost a whopping 680 Pokecoins.

pokemon go shop lureIn the Pokemon GO shop, you will also find a Lucky Egg that costs 80 Pokecoins (or 500 Pokecoins for 8 units) and lets you double your XP. The Egg Incubator item costs 150 Pokecoins and can contain an egg you found at a particular Pokestop as it is preparing to hatch. That’s all for the Pokemon GO microtransactions.

So yeah, it may be steep for those who aren’t all that interested into the game, but it’s still a sweet deal for Pokemon fans. Of course, you can get various items like Pokeballs, potions, etc. at PokeStops, but you can’t choose what you get there. PokeStops refresh every few minutes, and you can go back there again and again to get what you are looking for. That’s the simple way of collecting items if you don’t have real money to spare for this game.

So are you fine with the pricing model of the Pokemon GO shop? Comment below. Also, check out our comprehensive Pokemon GO guide along with problems and fixes.


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