Niantic’s popular augmented reality Pokemon GO game has set a storm all over the world. It has not only affected the players but even non-players. This includes business owners or owners of memorial museums and charities. Very recently Auschwitz asked Niantic to remove Pokemon from the Holocaust memorial area to avoid making a mockery of such a sensitive place. If you’re a business owner you can definitely attract Pokemon GO players to your location using a variety of ways which we have compiled.

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1. Set up shop at a Pokestop

Pokestops are places that have eggs and more pokeballs. Players can visit these areas if they are low on essential items. If you want Niantic to make your business area a Pokestop you can visit the Pokemon go website and email them. At the moment, Niantic isn’t taking requests but that might soon change so keep checking their website. After your shop becomes a Pokestop, players will start coming there regularly and you can take advantage of that for monetary benefits. You can offer discounts to Pokemon GO players and more.

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2. Offer Pokemon GO Lures at your business

Lures attract Pokemon to a Pokestop for 30 minutes. You can offer lures to players who arrive at your shop. Lures are well-sought items so this business strategy will definitely attract a lot of Pokemon GO players.

3. Let Players know which Pokemon are at your shop or some place else

Some Pokemon have fixed locations/ spawn points. These spawn nests have a fixed location and only change after about a month. If you have information about where these nests are where certain Pokemon can be found, you can provide this information to players, for a fee of course.

4. Special offers and discounts to Pokemon GO players

This is a no-brainer for anyone running a business with the prime focus on Pokemon GO players. Special offers for Pokemon GO players will not only promote your business but boost Pokemon GO downloads and allow you to make further requests from Niantic since you will be in good standing with them.

5. Set up your business close to a nest

This is really hard to do because nest locations keep on changing. However, if you can pin-point certain locations where nests are always found then you can set up your business at a place conveniently close to all these nest locations. This will definitely bring a lot of customers to your shop.

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Are you a business owner? Do you play Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments. We’ll keep you updated about more Pokemon GO news and update so stay tuned. You can also check out more games like Pokemon GO.


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