In the most recent update, Niantic added many new lines of code, including ones that refer to 2nd Gen Pokemon and Ditto. Whether you want to admit it or not, Niantic is improving and we are willing to give them one more chance. Any one of the Big Three would bring players back to playing Pokemon Go: Trading, PvP, or Gen 2. Tracking would be pretty convincing too and most players are eagerly waiting for an update to that.

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Pokemon GO is rumored to get a major update in the coming days

We already know Pokemon Sun and Moon is arriving soon, so could the new update actually include a crossover between the two games?Aside from that, there are rumors of another major event in the future, most likely on Thanksgiving. If the Halloween event is anything to go by, we might see a similar theme for that event as well. Let us know what kind of Pokemon you expect to see a lot on Thanksgiving.

Aside from all that there were some updates to the game recently. You now get daily rewards which rack up all the way to the end of a 7 day week. Then you will have changes to gyms as well. Niantic did this because once you had a couple level 10 gyms, you got easy poke coins for quite a while. They just want it to be harder to get poke coins on a regular basis and get people to actually buy them. You get 10 coins every 21 hours, that means you need to hold a gym for over a week just enough for one lucky egg.

Spawns are also changing because Niantic will add tracking for the rest of the world. If you noticed, all the Pokemon are spawning near pokestops so that the tracking will work also in rural areas. Another BIG change in gym battles is claiming PokeCoins. You only have to wait 4 hours now instead of TWENTY-THREE to get more coins. Anyways let us know your thoughts on all the changes you expect for Pokemon GO.


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