If you’re just getting started with Pokémon GO (which, despite the game’s enormous popularity, is still possible), you might want to know what you get at each level in the game. As you earn XP in the game by performing various actions, you will go up in levels – a classic, tried and true role-playing game mechanic. Every time you level up, however, you will get a number of item rewards. In this post, we’re breaking down just what you can get.

Pokémon GO

It seems that as you go up in levels, you will get better and better rewards. Of course, going up the ranks won’t be easy or fast: you will need to collect increasing amounts of XP to do so. The curve does even out at a few instances: levels 11 to 14 require the same amount of XP, as do the levels 16 to 19. That’s no mean amount of experience.

The game’s first four levels are essentially a training section of sorts, netting you nothing but more PokéBalls. At level 5, we see the trainer getting rewarded with potions, revives, incense and an egg incubator. Item rewards after that don’t seem to have any pattern that I could discern, but I’m sure the smart people at Niantic have their reasons.

Let us know what you think about levelling up in Pokémon GO in the comments below.

BallsPotionsReviveIncenseRazz BerryLure ModuleLucky EggsEgg IncubatorXP Needed
Level 210 Poké1,000
Level 315 Poké2,000
Level 415 Poké3,000
Level 520 Poké1010114,000
Level 615 Poké1055,000
Level 715 Poké10516,000
Level 815 Poké1051017,000
Level 915 Poké105318,000
Level 1020 Poké20 Super101119,000
Level 1115 Poké10 Super3310,000
Level 1220 Great10 Super3310,000
Level 1310 Great10 Super3310,000
Level 1410 Great10 Super331110,000
Level 1515 Great20 Hyper1011015,000
Level 1610 Great10 Hyper5520,000
Level 1710 Great10 Hyper5520,000
Level 1810 Great10 Hyper5520,000
Level 1915 Great10 Hyper5520,000
Level 2020 Ultra20 hyper2022022225,000


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