There have been an insane amount of changes in Pokémon GO in the last few days. And a lot of them have annoyed the players. So much that they have decided to file a petition at to revert a certain update.

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Players want Niantic to remove the speed limit from Pokemon GO

“The speed limit caps on Pokestops is completely absurd. While I understand your idea for driver safety, what about others who are passengers? Or others that unable to get out walk to the Pokestops in their area? Is this a money grab for people to buy more balls? Does your data show an abnormally high accident rate while players are playing Pokemon Go? It was enough you took away the ability to catch while going over 25mph, but now this? It is completely inane.”

A lot of players want the speed limit bans on pokestops removed as well because they take the city bus and that’s how they stock up on pokeballs. Pokémon Go, in our opinion, has been and always will be a brilliant idea with a terrible execution. The fact that it’s made by Niantic doesn’t help things either. The problem was that the Niantic crew were obsessed with removing hackers from the game instead of making a progress to the servers or the gameplay. The hackers weren’t that big of a problem (if at all).

However, it could still be technically argued in favor of them cracking down so viciously on hackers. Before they shut down Pokevision, two-thirds of their server load was Pokevision, and one-third was all the millions of people playing the game. That’s a HUGE problem. Not saying Niantic didn’t drop the ball on other things, though. However, the recent update was quite disappointing for a lot of players. They got rid of the ability to get pokestops at 25+mph, so it is literally impossible for a lot of players to catch anything because they don’t have balls.


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