Let’s face it, Pokémon GO is buggy. It’s been crashing and freezing since launch, and now, a more recent bug has made the game unplayable for some people. In a bug acknowledged by developer Niantic, catching Pokémon is now more difficult because Pokémon are more likely to escape. This means that your chances of catching a rare Pokémon are now even lesser than they were before.

Pokemon Go

Niantic, which has otherwise been surprisingly quiet about the game’s many problems (as well as the changes it makes to the game), has acknowledged the existence of the bug. Furthermore, the bug apparently also omits XP bonuses, meaning you’re levelling up slower than you think. Thankfully, they’re also working on a fix, which may be deployed some time soon. It is unclear whether the move to make Pokémon appear less often in vehicles was intentional, however.

Until the fix is released, it would probably be best to not waste your balls. Of course, seeing as the game has barely any features beyond catching Pokémon and battling gyms, that would really limit your options.

Are you encountering the same problems in Pokémon GO? Have you had any luck catching Pokémon, in that case? Let us know in the comments below.


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