Those waiting for a Pokemon GO India release date need not give up hope anymore. Niantic had a lot in store for them after all. We just got word that Pokemon GO will be releasing for the Android watch according to this data mining leak. We have had data mining leaks before which predicted the arrival of many features to the game that soon proved to be true. This includes the Buddy Pokemon feature and more.

pokemon go india release date
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Pokemon GO India Release Date – You will now be able to play the game on Android watches

There is still no confirmation from Niantic on the Pokemon GO release in India but if we believe sources, the game will be released in India either last quarter of this year or first quarter of next year. That means Indian fans are to wait for another few months before they can enjoy the game officially in India. It is worth noting that few countries are already planning to ban the Pokemon GO. If Niantic will not take some serious steps to improve its gameplay, Indian govt. may also not allow the release of the game. Few petitions on can also be found against the Pokemon GO release in India.

But we may as well rejoice because we have good news. Data mining leaks show that Pokemon GO might add support for Android watches in a future update. The popular app will use AES encryption to communicate with the smart watch. According to the leak, Pokemon GO Plus will allow the game to communicate with Android smart watches using Bluetooth.

Pokemon GO was released in select countries on July 6. Two months have passed and there is no official release date in sight for many other countries, particularly India and China where the game is immensely popular. Even after the reveal of Pokemon GO Plus and Pokemon GO for the Apple watch, there is no confirmation for a release date for India.

Data mining leaks have recently proved to be a reliable source for predicting future content coming to the game. Buddy Pokemon was discovered through a data mining leak and proved to be a reality when Niantic officially announced it later on.

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality RPG for mobile devices. It took the world by storm when it released and even overtook major blockbuster films that released this year. The app shows no signs of receding in terms of generating revenue for Niantic.

We’ll let you know when we get wind of a Pokemon GO India release date. Stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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