Various players across US and Aus region have reported a substantial increase in the speed at which Pokemon Go Eggs can be hatched. We can also confirm the change based on our own testing. Either the Pokemon Go Hatch speed has been incremented or the frequency of tracking has been increased.

Pokemon Go

Many users reported that the distance tracker now works while biking while some claimed more frequent tracker updates than previously used 4 – 5 minutes. The changes were also apparent in our bike ride testing where tracker seemed much more reliable.

Looks like Niantic has done one or possibly both things:

*Increased the top speed for registering distance travelled in the game

*Increased the frequency for detecting travelled distance

Gabbe95, a Reddit user posted a question claiming a 20 MPH top speed threshold before game stopped registering:

“Did some testing after hearing about the increase to refresh rate of GPS location and the ‘walking’ speed of being able to hatch eggs. After going different speeds I found roughly around 20 MPH is where it’ll finally stop. I easily hatched a 10K egg by driving around my neighborhood for about 10 minutes. Anyone else do any testing of their own? Edit: Just to be clear I wasn’t the one driving while playing.”

The hatching speed wasn’t high in our case but hovered around 12 MPH which is the same old speed. It’s a welcome change for everyone, especially joggers and bikers who bought smart accessories for the particular game.

Just a while back, the changes were confirmed on twitter. All of these are server-side so no need to update the app.


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