Pokemon Go Easter Event is Live and introduces tons of new stuff in the game. For all the fans waiting for this remarkable extravagant event, the wait is over. The new Easter Event offers Double XP, Rare Hatchings, egg bonuses, new 2Km Pokemon, and countless new discounted Lucky Eggs.

The most exciting thing in the Easter Event is the inclusion of new Pokemon in 2Km eggs. As Niantic has told the players, they can now hatch Pokemon not usually obtainable from 2Km eggs. So, there are high chances of appearances of Sudo, Snorlax, Lapras, Skar, and Chansey. So, keep an eye out for these rare ones.

The new Easter Event started yesterday at 4 pm in North America and 9 pm in the UK. Niantic released a message with the Easter Event release stating that

“Get out there, hatch some Eggs, and share your stories with us using #PokemonGO on your favorite social media channels.”

The inclusion of egg-based bonuses makes all the rumors and spoilers true as the new Easter Event is all filled up with these bonuses. The new Easter Event allows the players to earn Double XP for all the actions, they will also be able to hatch the Pokemon that were previously not available. The players can now hatch the 2Km Pokemon, enjoy getting extra candy rewards for each egg hatched, and simply enjoy playing the game.

Moreover, the Lucky Eggs are also available and players can have them at discounted prices at 50%. The New prices for the Lucky Eggs during of Easter Event are as following.

  • Lucky Egg – 40 Coins
  • 8 Lucky Eggs – 250 Coins
  • 25 Lucky Eggs – 625 Coins

Furthermore, it ‘s not clear that which Pokemon will be available in the 2Km eggs. However, the rare 10Km Pokemon appearances are expected and they will be available for the lucky ones.

Now that the Pokemon Easter Even is finally live, Niantic will possibly start working on the other heavily rumored and most demanded features. According to some news, Niantic is currently working on another big update for Pokemon Go that is specifically going to change the way Co-op gameplay works.

Niantic revealed tins news while receiving their BAFTA award. Hopefully, the fans will see some more of the amazing things included in the game in near future. As for now, The Easter Event is live and the rest is at rest. Or it seems like that. Stay tuned for more. We’ll keep you posted on every new development.


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