As we all know, finding the spawn points of various Pokemon in Pokemon Go can be a big challenge for us. Some of us end up with finding the spawn location of a common Pokemon, while some just end up with none. Now, some players from the Pokemon Go community have built Pokemon Spawn Chart, which helps players in finding Pokemon spawn rate, spawn chances, average spawns and details about spawn timing of each Pokemon.

Some time ago, there were many third-party apps like PokeVision, PokiiMap, Pokefind and Poke Maps Pro, which made finding Pokemon easy in Pokemon Go. However, as the performance of the game was getting poor because of these apps, Niantic decided to permanently remove them from Pokemon Go and they even warned players not to use such apps in the future. But this new Spawn Chart has no direct affiliation with Pokemon Go, so there is no chance of getting banned if you use it.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Spawn Chart has been created after collecting data from more than 100 million data points. Through the chart, players can get to know the spawn rate of any Pokemon. It also includes information about the spawn chances, like when a Pokemon will spawn at a specific location. The created map includes the spawn points of almost every common and rare Pokemon.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the data is collected from 100 million data points, but it isn’t 100% accurate. It might not work every time. Pokemon usually appear on the map in random order, so its best if you don’t rely on it entirely. Though it is still worth the shot considering the fact that you won’t get banned in the game.

Pokemon Go was released on July 6, 2016. Here’s how you can hatch 5Km and 10Km eggs in the game without moving.

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