Pokemon Go players are always on the lookout of more eggs and the 10K one is the most thrived. Although there is a constant supply of 10K eggs, some players hardly get them. Many players believe their occurrence is completely random, while some claim to have broken the code.

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In this post, we have included the top theories and ideas circulating over the internet for increasing your chances at getting a 10k egg.

Pokemon Go Players Disagree on 10K Eggs Being Tied To Level

First, there was a theory that 10K eggs might be tied to levels, but this seems highly unlikely. Many users on Reddit have conflicting claims: some users reported of getting the 10K egg past 10 levels while some reported of getting the same from the moment they started collecting eggs. There have also been players who didn’t get a single 10K egg until 23rd level. All in all the level concept doesn’t stand conclusive.

Constant Hatching Of Eggs In Incubators Might Help

Since, Pokemon Go players can only hold nine eggs at a time, you might not see new ones until you clear them. If 10K eggs are really randomly generated, this might be the reason why some players are seeing more 10k eggs once they hit levels where they get additional incubators i.e. Level 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30.

Redditor Cha-La-Mao explained, “If you only use incubators for 10 k’s, you’re only going to have 1 slot open, which means maybe 1 egg a day, which means it can be months until you run into a 10k. Or you can use your incubators on 5k’s and you can open 4-5 slots and get more 10 k’s. It’s up to you, but only using incubators on 10k’s is a very slow way to go about it…”

Long story short, keep your incubators filled with eggs. Hatch more and more eggs, leaving more slots open to possibly fill with 10k eggs.

Find Unique Pokestops, The Ones Generating More 10K Eggs

The other theory doing rounds over the internet is that some Pokestops are unique and generate more 10K eggs than other. If this might be the case, visiting more and more Pokestops to find the unique one might help. Also, some users have reported Pokestops in the areas with prominent landmark are generating more 10K eggs. This hasn’t been true for all, though.

This was all from our side. Do let us know in the comments below if you found some other way to get more 10K eggs.


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