Pokémon GO: Is This the Hardest Pokémon to Catch in the Game?

So let’s say you’re having a walk about the neighbourhood, or perhaps a jaunt through the park, playing Pokémon GO when you come across the vaguely alien-like psychic Pokémon Abra. You decide to catch it, but instead of catching it in your PokéBall, you end up with absolutely nothing – and the Pokémon is gone. Welcome to the slippery, maddeningly elusive world of Abra, the Pokémon that loves to teleport.

Pokémon GO

Much like in the regular Pokémon games, Abra in this game is able to sense danger and teleport out and away from the battle once he has detected you. This specifically happens if you miss your first throw, or don’t have a PokéBall strong enough to catch it (via Twinfinite). It doesn’t help that Abra is a rare Pokémon to find in the first place. If you’re going to catch him, you’ll have to be especially dexterous.

Like in the regular games, Abra evolves into Kadabra. It is unknown to me, however, if the game also features Kadabra’s evolution, Alakazam. In the regular games, Kadabra evolves into Alakazam when traded. Abra and its evolution Kadabra might be some of the most iconic of psychic Pokémon in the Pokédex, beaten only be maybe Mew and Mewtwo.

Psychic Pokemon are very hard to find and catch, but that’s what makes it more exciting. With their special capabilities, these psychic Pokemon can help you win battles easily. So when you find an Abra or Mew next time, make sure you have strong Pokeballs. Have you managed to catch an Abra? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, also check out our list of 10 rare Pokemon that are the hardest to find.

In other news, Abra may be a very rare Pokemon, but an evolution of Eevee is enough to spark a stampede in New York City. It has been reported that a huge crowd rushed into the Central Park area of the city to catch a Vaporeon that had been spotted by a player. People even got out of their car without turning off the engine just to catch the rare Pokemon. Considering the fact that you cannot choose which Pokemon Eevee will evolve into, it’s a big deal to get a Vaporeon.

  • Steve Burrows

    He’s pretty common in riverside county. And doesn’t teleport nearly as much as the actual games. As long as you can throw a ‘nice!’ Or hit it with a curve ball you should catch with a regular poke ball in one turn.

  • kindled

    I had an alakazam pop up as nearby (didn’t go get it because I would’ve had to cross traffic to get closer to the river), so it’s definitely in the game.

  • Habay

    Agh!! I just had an Abra pop up, threw the pokeball, caught em, and poof, gone!! That rascal! Until we meet again Abra.

  • job eertman

    Caught an kadabra on street, 251 cp

  • Chris Wickersham

    I have caught 3 Abra’s so far (I’m only level 7) and an Alakazam. I don’t recall any of them being particularly difficult to capture.

  • Alex Grosskopf

    Yeah i have 2 Abra’s they arent hard to catch really.

  • Steve Bent

    First egg woot!

  • Kendra balderas

    I think this may be slightly incorrect I “caught” an arba in the first 10 minutes of downloading this app just to see what the hype was all about…

  • Kendra

    I think this may be slightly incorrect I “caught” an arba in the first 10 minutes of downloading this app just to see what the hype was all about….

  • Val Costa

    Caught one in basingstoke uk jays close

  • Lisa

    I caught alakazam , he just popped up as i was walking to the side of me , he wasnt even that hard to catch , I think he escaped about 3 times

  • John Honeywell

    Caught an abra today, yesterday it slipped out of my grasp, but today I used a razz berry and caught it first try

  • J3

    I just got an Alakazam an hour ago (got it on the 2nd toss).

  • Erin Harrisville

    Caught a kadabra so yeah

  • Tom Lange

    Can’t be the hardest. Found one at Arby’s on day one before I actually started to go hunting. Found 2nd day also. Both were find in commerical areas of town. If that helps any. (I.E. Not in a park or somewhere otherwise special) OKC area

  • Melissa Lindhurst

    I got one, stupid thing is out of the ones i’ve got he was actually one of the easiest 🙁

  • Samantha Earley

    I had a kadabra pop up while i was in the car on my way back from the hardware store with my dad. It said it was 3 feet away for the entire trip back home… And always in the #1 spot. I didn’t end up catching it because the footsteps never decreased to give me any clues :'(

  • Andreas Ekholm

    I spoted kadabra from my home and immideatly went out to cath him. I didnt have any time to waste so i shortcut through the Forrest and had to climb some mountains and came to a road with a few houses and there he was. I managed to get him after alot of Well spent pokebolls and rasperry. I live in a small society with lots of Forrest 1 hour north of Stockholm on the coast. The road i caught him on was the road with the highest altitude in this area. So. Maybe it was a total random spawn or he likes: nearby forrest, high alltitude and the coast/ water.

  • Kristin Mendez

    I caught an Abra and Kadabra today.

  • Szpekowski

    Just caught an Abra 2 min ago in parking lot at hotel. Just used a berry and caught with 1 pokeball.

  • Justin Montoya

    Caught abra he didn’t do any teleporting but came across Alakazam he was in the first spot but three steps away and then out of no where vanish from the radar completely.

  • disqus_4YCz9lIfxG

    We caught 1 today yay! we were nervous because after it said we caught it the game froze so I had to turn the phone off and back on again crossing my fingers that we did not lose it. This is our 2nd day playing the game but we have literally traveled all over our town and have captured over a hundred Pokemon already. We are striving to be devoted Pokemon Trainers.

  • LyssaTor

    Sitting on my front porch and an Abra pops up. Yay! I seem to be getting some pretty good Pokemon at my house. I have a Pokestop next door which is awesome too, can’t reach it from my house but if I just sit outside my fenceline it’s great. But even without a lure there are some pretty good ones around, Vulpix for example!

  • Green Barracuda

    I just caught an Abra. First try baby. ?

  • Angela Mauldin Parker

    I just caught an Abra! ?

  • Jeffrey Hendershot

    I caught 2 Abras in one day. One out in the woods in a state park and one in the middle of the city

  • Heather

    I just caught an Abra outside my house (first one I’ve seen) with one regular pokeball. He actually just sat there sleeping and was an easy catch.

  • “Young Liar”(lies and cash)

    I have caught like 50 abras just evolved to kadabra 390cp 100 more candies and you can evolve into alakazam

    • Dude Yo

      I caught an alakazam on my second day on this game

  • Osiris774

    You can pick a Vaporeon when you evolve Eevee. Just name it Rainer before you evolve it. If you want Jolteon then name Eevvee Sparky before you evolve. If you want Flareon name Eevee Pyro before you evolve. I’ve done this numerous times.

    • the goooz

      Yep! Read about that this morning. Had a 456 eevee, renamed it Rainer then evolved it. Ended up being a 1301 vaporeon!

  • Raven

    I caught a Kadabra as my second pokemon it was on my bed right in front of ms and it took three pokeballs it kept hitting them away

  • Rachel Laderoute

    I found an Abra tonight! Downtown Chatham Ontario. Follow me @rachelstories_ on instagram

  • Ghost_Post

    I caught Abra and Kadabra back to back this morning.

  • the goooz

    Found 2 abras so far within 3 days. Once in my friends apartment and another while on smoke break at work. But is been a few days that one has even popped up the radar.

  • Crystal

    I just caught an Abra 30 mins ago. I had been walking for about 30 mins when it appeared in front of a hospital. I didn’t even know what I had caught until I went online to read about it.

  • Charity Ann Crissup

    I have 6 Abras & just caught alakazam today. Found him in Whittier. No incense & used regular pokeballs to get them.

  • Chellb3ll

    I caught an Abra yesterday! Also, you CAN choose what your Eevee evolves into. If you want a Vaporeon, change your Eevee’s nickname to “Rainer” before you evolve it. If you want a Jolteon, change your Eevee’s nickname to “Sparky” before you evolve it. If you want a Flareon, change your Eevee’s name to “Pyro” before you evolve it. Works every time!

    • didoticious geller

      I didn’t change my Eevee’s name. Evolved it and it changed to Flareon. Guess I’m lucky!

  • Adam Dore

    I got Abra out of a 2km egg today.

  • DElise

    Just caught an Abra just now.. in my office.. I put out an incense and it was just there.

  • mommyfixit

    Yes, you can decide what an Eevee evolves into. Name the Eevee the name of the trainer of the Eevee you want. Sparky will get you that Jolteon.

  • seranvali

    I caught an Abra last night, having no idea what it was. I’ve only been playing for a day or two. Guess I was lucky.

  • Mysteriously Unnamed

    i got an abra the other day when I was out of town eating.. thankfully i didn miss

  • CTobin

    Just caught Alakazam in my living room in NW Georgia. Didn’t even need to get out of my chair. 2 raspberries, 2 Ultra balls (he escaped the first) and he was mine…

  • didoticious geller

    I got Abra from hacthing a 5 km egg today ❤️

  • Austin White

    Caught a Kadabra about a week ago in Jacksonville, FL. But now I can’t find any Abra’s to get more candy to power up! Also caught a NidoKing that was right under a 1,000 CP! When it first popped up it just said CP ??? Until I caught it. Used a ton of Razz Berry and Balls to catch it though.

  • A.T.

    Are vaporeons really that rare? I live a few blocks from a lake. Everyone here has them.

  • ReDd

    Finally decided to put pokemon go on my phone today and caught an abra pretty quickly (slo, ca) Its cp is really really low (15cp, 23.12kg, .96m) yet hes the only pokemon i have that the appraiser says is really big & strong, the best stats hes ever seen ect… Not really sure what to make of that. Caught a Christmas picachu too, is he rare or pretty common? He has a 100 thunder which is way higher than anything else i have less than a day in