If there’s one big thing the internet is buzzing about, it’s none other than Pokemon GO. The new augmented reality game received such a massive response that server crashes have become a normal thing for the developer. But talking about the game itself, players want to progress quickly and get special Pokemon even more quickly.

Well, you can’t become a Pokemon GO champion without known some tips and tricks. Keeping that in mind, we have collected some Pokemon GO hacks that will help you become a better player and level up faster.

pikachu in pokemon go

Duplicate Pokemon Equals to Candy!

Do you have lots of Rattatas or Pidgeys? The duplicate Pokemon you don’t need can be traded to Professor Willow, and you will receive one Candy in return for one Pokemon. You can use those Candies later to evolve your Pokemon.

Hatching Eggs Faster

Eggs require you to walk a certain distance before they hatch. Even rare Pokemon require you to walk up to 10kms or maybe more. And in case you don’t know, you cannot drive in a car as the app will detect your speed and will not count the distance measured in the vehicle. So how to hatch eggs more quickly? There’s no shortcut to walking, but you can hop onto a bicycle and ride slowly. It will be at least a little faster than on foot. There’s also a trick that lets you hatch eggs without walking.

How to Catch Different Types of Pokemon?

This is a well-known fact that what type of Pokemon you find depends on what type of location you are in. For example, a water Pokemon will most likely appear around a beach or riverside rather than on the road. Similarly, grassy Pokemon are found in jungles, grassy parks, etc., and ghost Pokemon come out at night. But that’s not a fixed rule, as there also are good chances of finding a fire Pokemon beside at lake.

How to Get Pikachu As Your Starter Pokemon?

In Pokemon GO, you will notice that there are three main starter Pokemon that come up on the screen right when you start playing. These include Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. However, if you want to get Pikachu as starter Pokemon in Pokemon GO, then you have to ignore these three creatures. Ignore them and keep walking even they appear several times. Eventually, the fourth one, Pikachu, will also spawn up in the mix.

pokemon go catching
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How to Catch Pokemon More Easily?

When you spot a Pokemon and want to catch it more easily, you can make your aim and accuracy better by turning off the AR view in the app. Of course, Pokemon GO is all about augmented reality, but this way it’s easier to catch Pokemon. Turning off the AR will keep the Pokemon in your view for a slightly longer time and will make it easier to tame the creature. You can also use Razzberries and Master Balls or Ultra Balls to catch Pokemon more easily. We have got more tips on catching Pokemon more easily in Pokemon GO.

How to Find More Pokemon?

A lot of people don’t know but Pokemon are designed to spawn in areas that have high mobile traffic. So highly populated urban areas contain more Pokemon than semi-urban or rural areas. Also, the chances of finding Pokemon in larger quantities are more in places like parks, tourist attractions, etc.

Revisit PokeStops After a Few Minutes

PokeStops are great for stocking up on different random items. But once you are on a PokeStop, you can’t go back to it immediately. Instead, wait for around 5 minutes or so and then go back to the same PokeStop. You can now stock up on gear again.

How to Get Back Missed Pokeballs?

There are instances when your aim is not correct and the Pokeball your throw misses the Pokemon. Well, those balls don’t have to necessarily go waste. If you act quickly, you can just tap on the fallen Pokeballs instantly to get them back. But yes, you have to do it quickly and as soon as it falls on the ground.


Turn on the Battery Saver

We all know that Pokemon GO is a battery hogger. Thankfully, you can get some help from the in-built battery saver. Go to the in-game Settings and enable the battery saving option. It should reduce the battery usage a little bit.



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